Urbanism Themes for 2017 and Beyond

Urbanism Themes for 2017 and Beyond

Forbes Magazine projected what urban areas can expect in the near future, and many apply to the Pike District.  You can read the full article here but here are the highlights that relate most to the White Flint area:

The expectation of urban revitalization.  2016 may be the year we recognize that urban revitalization is no longer the exception, but the rule.

The merging of technology and urbanism. The improvement of urban systems, such as water and road infrastructure; the improvement of public transit; and the improvement of parks and recreational facilities are ripe for technology’s impact.

The rise of YIMBYism. (Yes In My Back Yard) Market urbanists bring a libertarian bent to solving urban problems, with an emphasis on relaxing regulations that impact use like zoning and parking standards, identifying market approaches to improving urban services like public transit, and utilizing technology to make governance more efficient.

Amy Ginsburg


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