White Flint 2 Plan Summary Courtesy of the WFDAC

White Flint 2 Plan Summary Courtesy of the WFDAC

Courtesy of Nkosi Yearwood’s discussion at yesterday morning’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, here is a short (relatively short) summary of the White Flint 2 Plan.  If you want to read the full plan, please click here. This PowerPoint presentation to the Planning Board is a more easily-digested version of the plan.



Land Use and Zoning:

White Flint 2 development is not as intense as White Flint 1 development.  The maximum allowed height in parts of White Flint 1 is 300′ while in White Flint 2 the proposed maximum height is 200′.

For example, the plan proposes that the Willco property on Executive Boulevard has a maximum height of 200′ with a 2.5 FAR. On the southern part of Executive Boulevard, the plan proposes a lower height and a 2.0 FAR. (The floor area ratio (FAR) is the relationship between the total amount of usable floor area that a building has, or has been permitted for the building, and the total area of the lot on which the building stands. This ratio is determined by dividing the total, or gross, floor area of the building by the gross area of the lot.)


In White Flint 2, in-fill development and the CSX tracks thwart a great deal of new roads. There will be some new streets that break up mega-blocks on East Jefferson, Route 355, and Montrose Road.

The plan recommends a  feasibility analysis for determining the best place for a MARC station.

The plan suggests protected bike lanes on East Jefferson and Executive Boulevard.

Affordable Housing:

In addition to encouraging 15% MPDUs for new buildings, the plan recommends retaining older multi-family developments that provide market rate affordable housing.

Parks and Open Spaces:

The plan recommends that redeveloping properties include park and open space from one-half to one acre.

On the Wilgus property, the plan suggest that the undeveloped area between Montrose Parkway, Montrose Road and Towne Road retain some of the wooded area.

Community Facilities:

Because there are so many community facilities in the White Flint 1 plan, there are fewer in the White Flint 2 plan.

The plan recommends a new elementary school, and suggests either utilizing Rocking Horse Center for the school or building a new school on four acres at either the Wilgus or Willco properties


There are three distinct phases in the plan.

The recommended mode share goals are lower than in the White Flint 1 plan because of the distance from transit.

The plan includes implementing a circulator/shuttle bus and building the second White Flint  metro entrance as part of the staging requirements.


The Planning Staff left the door open for dialogue with the Council and County Executive about financing.  The plan suggest there could be some expansion of the tax district or there could be other funding mechanisms.




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