Say No to Bus Service Reductions in the Pike District

Say No to Bus Service Reductions in the Pike District

Your help is needed. Give Metro feedback on its proposed FY2018 Operating Budget and the Capital Improvement Plan by taking the WMATA survey

As we discussed last week, Metro has proposed reducing service to White Flint metro, increasing headways during rush hour to eight minutes and during non-rush hour to fifteen minutes. The budget also continues the current practice of ending every other train at Grosvenor. In addition, Metro is considering fare increases.

Now we want to talk about the proposed reductions in bus service. WMATA wants to modify the C8 route by eliminating route segment between Glenmont and White Flint stations.

There are also service cutbacks on bus lines that affect the Pike District/North Bethesda, including the J7 and J9 (I-270 Express) and J 5 (Twinbrook-Silver Spring.) Many people rely on these buses

Advocate against the bus reductions. Take the survey and provide comments by clicking here: Here are some talking points you can use, but as much as you can, please use your own words and style when you write your comments.

WMATA should not eliminate the portion of C8 that goes from Glenmont – White Flint.

Drastic service cutbacks could all too easily launch both a Metro death spiral and a subsequent Pike District death spiral.

Metro enables workers to reach their jobs at the North Bethesda Marriott, NRC, and dozens of other offices and businesses.  It is the reason thousands of people will choose to lease the new apartments being built at Pike and Rose, the Gables, North Bethesda Center, East Village, and Saul Centers and is reflected in the Pike District property values.  It is an essential amenity that attracts businesses to the Pike District and is the foundation of the Pike District economy.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in this area by dozens of property owners and by Montgomery County, and significant additional investment is planned over the next twenty years.

A central tenet of the Pike District/White Flint redevelopment is easy access to transit, primarily Metrorail. In fact, the 2010 White Flint Sector Plan has a non-auto driver mode share (NADMS) requirement of 51% for residents and 50% for employees, which can’t be achieved without Metro.

Transit-oriented development requires frequent, reliable transit. Service reductions to the White Flint metro station are unacceptable.

All red line trains should go to Shady Grove rather than ending every other train at Grosvenor. Weekend headways of thirty minutes are simply untenable.

Please advocate for our metro station. Take the survey and/or comment by February 6th!

Amy Ginsburg


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