WMATA proposes 25% service reduction at White Flint station!

WMATA proposes 25% service reduction at White Flint station!

Yes, you read that right. Trains will be 25% more crowded because there will be 25% fewer trains during peak times at White Flint station if WMATA’s proposed service cuts are implemented. During rush hour, a train now comes to White Flint station (in theory) every 6 minutes; they have proposed a headway of 8 minutes in their 2018 budget.  During off-peak hours and on weekends, White Flint station will see a train only 4 times an hour — service that can hardly be called frequent.

WMATA had promised that the every-other-train turnback at Grosvenor station would be eliminated; instead they expanded it to non-peak hours.

In addition, WMATA has proposed raising fares for this decreased service!

Will you help us fight these terrible service cutbacks? You need to do two small tasks that can make a large difference.

  1. Email WMATA before Monday, February 6th. Tell them that you strongly oppose service reductions to White Flint metro and that you want the current level of service maintained. Millions and millions of dollars are being invested in the Pike District, all of it based on frequent, reliable transit. Residents and businesses rely on Metro at all hours of the day and night to reach jobs, friends, and fun. The proposed service reduction could all too easily begin both a Metro death spiral and a Pike District death spiral. Email boardofdirectors@wmata.com
  2. Take WMATA’s survey before Monday, February 6th and click ‘provide a comment.’ Be sure to tell WMATA you strongly oppose service reductions to the red line and that you want the current level of service maintained. Take the survey at http://fy18budget.questionpro.com/

If you can add a personal reason you oppose service reductions (for example, you have to get to a job in the middle of the day), please include your story.  Your comments and emails should not be long, and they should be in your own words, but it is essential that you tell them you 1) oppose peak and off-peak service reductions to the White Flint station and 2) want to eliminate the Grosvenor turnback.


Amy Ginsburg


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