White Flint 2 Worksession, Thursday, February 9

White Flint 2 Worksession, Thursday, February 9

The Planning Board will hold a second worksession on the White Flint 2 plan on noon Thursday, February 9th at their headquarters on 878 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring.  This worksession will focus on the Executive Boulevard part of the proposed White Flint 2 plan.

You can read the staff documents that were prepared for this worksession here.

The worksession will be streamed live, so on Thursday, grab your lunch and your laptop or tablet and watch at noon on Thursday.

The next worksessions will be held:

February 23 Worksession No. 3: Montrose North-Rockville Pike
March 9 Worksession No. 4: Parklawn South and Randolph Hills
March 23 Worksession No. 5: Public Facilities

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I guess this is technically part of the original White Flint Sector plan, as opposed to White Flint 2. But is there information on the land at the intersection Montrose Parkway and 355? There is a lot of open space, between the large parking lot there and the grassy parts with the interchange — on both sides of 355. If there are plans in White Flint 2 to develop around there (it seems there are, particularly between Montrose Pkwy and Montrose Rd, at Towne/Hoya), the current connectivity is terrible — it’s very uninviting to cross Montrose Pkwy there to access the eventual Pike & Rose. And similarly difficult to access the Montrose Crossing shopping on the other side of 355, including Giant. It’s hard to imagine going even a short distance around there without getting in a car.

And with the completion of the Western Workaround, where do all the cars go that currently go east on Old Georgetown to 355 (east of Executive)? Will they end up at that intersection instead? Do the planners realize the size of this gap, and what it will be like to be a pedestrian? Thanks.

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