Extraordinary Mention of our WMATA Advocacy Campaign in The Washington Post

Extraordinary Mention of our WMATA Advocacy Campaign in The Washington Post

I want to make sure you saw this article in The Washington Post. It’s quite wonderful. Robert Thomson (Dr. Gridlock) spends half his piece directly quoting the Friends of White Flint letter to WMATA which I had also sent to the Transportation Planning Board. After the link to the article, you’ll find the part of his story that mentions us.

Thank you all for your dedication and help fighting service cutbacks to the White Flint metro station.

I saw one example of local concern at Wednesday’s meeting of the Transportation Planning Board. The regional panel has been discussing Metro’s service and budget problems for months. On Wednesday, the board acknowledged receipt of a letter from the Friends of White Flint, a civic and business coalition in Montgomery County that’s focused on turning the area along Rockville Pike into a walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly “neighborhood of residents of all ages, unique shops and restaurants, and large and small businesses.”

With Metro in a tight spot financially, leaders of the White Flint group look with alarm on the proposals for service cuts and fare increases that the Metro board is likely to vote on in March. They expressed their concerns in the letter, stating first what they’ve staked on their community development effort. “Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in this area by dozens of property owners and by Montgomery County, and significant additional investment is planned over the next 20 years.” Like so many communities across the D.C. region, they’re hoping that Metrorail service will leverage their investment: “A central tenet of the Pike District/White Flint redevelopment is easy access to transit, primarily Metrorail.”

“We use Metro to get to jobs, homes, and entertainment, and we believe Metro is an indispensable part of our community,” the group wrote. “It is because we believe in Metro that we are convinced that service cutbacks as described in WMATA’s proposed budget would be extraordinarily damaging to not just the White Flint/Pike District area but also the entire metropolitan area.”

Amy Ginsburg


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