Our letter in support of MC 12-17 which alters approval requirements to create a BID

Our letter in support of MC 12-17 which alters approval requirements to create a BID

March 6, 2017

Dear Senator King and Delegate Robinson:

The Friends of White Flint is a nonprofit organization composed of nearly 2,000 residents, businesses, and property owners working together to transform the White Flint area into a vibrant, walkable, smart growth community. You can learn more about us at www.whiteflint.org.

We are writing to express our support for MC 12-17 to alter the approval requirements to create and expand a Business Improvement District (BID) in Montgomery County.

Adopting a BID in Maryland currently requires the approval of 80% of individual property owners and only includes commercial property. This is an untenably high approval threshold. MC 12-17 would change the number of signatures needed for property owners to petition their local county or municipal corporation to create a BID to 51% of individual property owners and 51% of the assessed value within the proposed district. Additionally, the bill would allow multi-family residential real property to benefit from the services a BID provides.

A BID in the White Flint area is critical if we are to create a successful transit-oriented, smart urban community. BIDs have proven their value time and time again, especially in the competing jurisdictions of Washington, DC and Virginia. The services provided by a BID supplement existing government services to enhance public safety, market and promote a community, offer neighborhood beautification, and improve infrastructure.

We strongly support the passage of MC 12-17 because it would not only help facilitate the formation of a BID in the Pike District/White Flint area but would also give Montgomery County the much-needed ability to more effectively provide essential economic development, marketing and placemaking services.

Thank you in advance for supporting MC 12-17.


Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

cc: Montgomery County Delegation

Amy Ginsburg


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