What you missed at Monday night’s Implementation Committee Meeting

What you missed at Monday night’s Implementation Committee Meeting

Nkosi Yearwood

There will soon be an application to allow Saul Centers East to have an animal boarding facility.

The next White Flint 2 worksession is Thursday, April 27th in the afternoon.

Francine Waters, White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee

BID (Business Improvement District) enabling legislation was passed by the state legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. The legislation calls for 51% of property owners instead of 80% to vote yes to form a BID. The WFDAC will provide a report to the county by October outlining possible BID scenarios.  The council will eventually take up this issue.

Dee Metz, County Executive Office

Ride On extRA will begin in October along Route 355.  There will be two stops in the Pike District — at Marinelli Drive and at Security Lane

Construction is on schedule for Market Street, Executive Blvd., and the conference center garage, and the plan is to be finished with construction at the end of 2017.

Friends of White Flint and Coalition for Smarter Growth had a productive meeting with MCDOT staff to discuss pedestrian safety improvements in the Pike District.

Pepco Substation

Pepco personnel discussed the new substation they will be building at the corner of Marinelli and Nebel Street, 11650 Nebel Street. (The land used to be a sports club/gym and was sold to Pepco.) The purpose of the substation is to ensure sufficient electrical capacity; the Parklawn substation runs out of capacity in 2020. The building will blend in to the surroundings and be pleasing to the eye. There will be a mandatory referral in late 2017/early 2018 for the substation.  The conceptual design will be done in 2017 with the detailed design completed in the summer of 2018 followed by breaking ground. The substation will be in-service in 2019.



Amy Ginsburg


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