Two, yes two, White Flint 2 work session summaries

Two, yes two, White Flint 2 work session summaries

April 27th Work Session 

The Planning Staff made a presentation to the Planning Board on Transportation and Staging.  You can read the Planning Staff memo here.  Below are a few of our favorite slides, and you can see the entire slide deck here.

There was considerable discussion about the proper place for the circulator/shuttle in the staging plan.  Staff had recommended that the circulator/shuttle be moved to the first stage. There was also discussion about funding for the circulator and what constitutes a shuttle.

The Planning Staff recommended the appropriate measurement for traffic on the western side of White Flint 2 should be the 120-second standard used in White Flint 1 rather than the 71-second standard used in the rest of North Bethesda.


May 4th Work Session

The Planning Staff focused on Design Guidelines during this work session. Here is the staff memo. Mostly the design guidelines echo those of White Flint 1 — short blocks, broad sidewalks, public spaces, introducing activating uses along Route 355, etc. You can view all the slides in their presentation here. Below are a few of our favorite slides.


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