Planning Board unanimously approves the White Flint 2 Plan

Planning Board unanimously approves the White Flint 2 Plan

Blow the horns and ring the bells. The Planning Board yesterday unanimously passed the White Flint 2 Sector Plan.! Next up, the County Council reviews, discusses, and receives public input on the plan.

While the final draft of the plan is not yet available since the last few changes were discussed at the Planning Board late yesterday afternoon, by and large, Friends of White Flint believes the final plan is a good one.  No doubt we’ll have some improvements to suggest to the County Council when we read the approved document, but we are thrilled that the Planning Board incorporated so many of our suggestions such as matching NADMS (non-auto driver mode share) goals in the Executive Boulevard area to the NADMS goals in the White Flint 1 plan and including a pedestrian crossing over the CSX tracks.  (FOWF hasn’t had time to analyze how many of our suggestions were included in the approved plan; look for a future blog post to discuss that very topic.)

Congratulations to the Planning Staff and Planning Board on completing this marathon process which began about two years ago with a series of public meetings and included a dozen Planning Board work sessions this year. The White Flint 2 Plan should be sent to the County Council next month.

Amy Ginsburg


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