A Wonderful Win for Wall Park!

A Wonderful Win for Wall Park!

Yesterday, the County Council voted YES on the Supplemental Appropriation and CIP Amendment for $6,582,000 for the Wall Park Garage and Park Improvements!! Friends of White Flint has advocated for more than a year and a half for the County to “un-pave paradise and pull up the parking lot” and yesterday, the Council voted to do just that.

Pallas resident Beth Robinson prepares to testify at the County Council

Friends of White Flint’s Executive Director Amy Ginsburg, the White Flint Implementation Committee, and Pallas resident Beth Robinson testified at the public hearing in favor of building the Wall Park Garage and creating a great green space for all to enjoy.

Specifically, the Council voted to “fund the relocation of surface parking from the Wall Park and Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center (KSAC) to an adjacent parking garage on private property, as suggested by the White Flint Sector Plan. This increase is needed because the relocation of the surface parking to a parking garage will provide for an urban park with amenities in an area with significant multi-family residential development. This appropriation will facilitate development that will provide the opportunity for the County to obtain right-of-way through dedication from the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Upon completion of the garage project the County will own 30 percent of the parking spaces under a condominium regime that affords voting rights and ownership to the County for a specific portion of the garage.  This recommended amendment is consistent with the criteria for amending the CIP because it offers the opportunity to achieve significant savings through a public private partnership that takes advantage of economies of scale, which will provide the parking garage at a lower cost than if the County had to build its own garage.”

In just a couple of short years, we will all be enjoying the Great Lawn at Wall Park.  Look for more information from FoWF about opportunities to give input on this new green space for the Pike District.

Amy Ginsburg




“In just a couple of short years, we will all be enjoying the Great Lawn at Wall Park.”

That seems really optimistic, unless I’m missing something. Even if everything goes smoothly, is fully funded, etc. isn’t it:
1. another ~20 months until Exec. Blvd realignment is complete and excess land is transferred to Gables Residential.
2. ~12-16 months for permits to be issued for phase 1 construction.
3. ~24-30 months for phase 1 (including garage) completion.
4. ~24 months community input, design, bid process, funding, and permitting for new Wall Park.
5. ~12 months for Wall Park construction.

So, realistically, aren’t we talking about somewhere in the middle of the 2020s?

    Amy Ginsburg

    Actually, construction on the garage will begin in the first quarter of 2018. As soon as the garage is finished, they will pull up the surface parking lot and create the green space. A couple of years is a realistic timetable.

    Thanks for writing!

    Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

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