Speaker’s List for last night White Flint 2 County Council Hearing

Speaker’s List for last night White Flint 2 County Council Hearing

Curious about who spoke last night at the White Flint 2 County Council hearing?¬† Here’s the list.

1.  Stephen Paczkowski, Town of Garrett Park
2. Linda Moran, City of Rockville
3. Andy Zuckerman, Montgomery County Public Schools
4. Jennifer Russell, GPT Properties Trust
5. Steve Robins, Pickford Enterprises
6. Elizabeth King, Individual
7. Timothy Dugan, Verizon Maryland, LLC
8. Crystal Lutkenhouse, Individual
9. Casey Cirner, RMR Group
10. Steve Silverman, Coalition of White Flint 2 PropertyOwners
11. Wendy Calhoun, Walter Johnson Cluster
12. Kip Edwards Garrett Park Estates-White Flint Park Civic Association
13. Stacy Silber, Monument
14. Edward Rich, Greater Farmland Civic Association
15. David King, Individual
16. Beth Delucenay, Charles E. Smith Life Communities
17. Amy Ginsburg, Friends of White Flint
18. Brian Hooker, Randolph Civic Association
19. Bruce Lane, The Meridian Group
20. Francine Walter, Lerner
21. Ric Erdheim, Cherington Homeowners Association
22. Barbara Sears, Washington Science Joint Venture
23. Barbara Sears, Wilgus Associates Limited Partnership
24. Brian Krantz, West Fernwood Citizens Association
25. Emily Beckman, Parkwood Residents Association
26. Debby Orsak, Individual
27. Paul Arveson, Individual
28. Jay Corbalis, Federal Realty Investment Trust
29. Joshua Sloan, Randolph Properties
30. Sheri Steisel Weiss, Luxmanor Citizens Association
31. Emily Vaias, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of MidAtlantic States

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