Hope to see you at tomorrow’s community meeting

Hope to see you at tomorrow’s community meeting

We hope you’ll attend our Board and Community Meeting Tuesday, September 26th at 7pm at the Pinstripes Ballroom at Pike and Rose.

We’ll be talking about the White Flint 2 Plan, the Pike District Pedestrian Safety Campaign, Property Owner/Developer Updates, and Other Issues. The agenda is below.


September 26, 2017 Community Meeting

7:00 pm          Welcome

7:02 pm          Approval of minutes and financial report

7:07 pm          Walkable Wednesday Crosswalk Ribbon Cutting September 27th, 6 pm and                                                                                  Pike District Pedestrian Campaign Successes

7:20 pm          Fall Fest, October 14th, 2pm to 5pm

7:25 pm          Property Owner Updates

7:35 pm          Board of Directors Openings

7:40 pm          Save Metro Coalition Update

7:50 pm          White Flint 2 Discussion

8:20 pm          Other Issues

Amy Ginsburg


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