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Number 2. Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda, MD

Walter Johnson High School is a really diverse school, students there have all the types of background history and speak different languages. With over 2400 students, it can be overwhelming, at times, but with so many clubs, arts programs, and athletics, there is a way for every student to get involved, make friends, and feel at home.

There are a ton of different courses and students will almost certainly get into all the ones they desire. Classes range from easy-no work electives to stressful AP courses.

Teachers frequently encourage struggling students to come in for help outside of class time and are patient with students. They make the material easy to understand and make sure to never move on to a new topic until the whole class feels confident with the material.

Above all, teachers are very understanding of personal situations and will work with students to help them finish any project effectively. The administration is incredibly friendly and involved, which is refreshing for a public high school.

The health and safety policies implemented at Walter Johnson help students feel safe and comfortable in their learning environments. Students also have many resources that are available if they are in need of help dealing with bullying, safety, and personal health.

Walter Johnson offers many clubs and extracurricular activities for all students. It is a great way to get involved in school and to meet new people. It is also a great way to take a stand and/or have a voice in something that a person finds important and worth sharing. Sports are huge at Walter Johnson, especially men’s soccer, women’s basketball, and cross country.