Our CIP testimony given to County Council

Our CIP testimony given to County Council

This week we testified before the County Council on the CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) budget. Below is our testimony.

Good afternoon. My name is Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director of Friends of White Flint.

The 2,000 supporters of Friends of White Flint, including property owners, residents, and businesses, want the promise of the White Flint sector plans to be fulfilled.  The implementation of those innovative sector plans is only possible through the funding of CIP projects.  Many of those projects are already part of the draft CIP.  We urge you to fully fund Bus Rapid Transit along Route 355. The North Bethesda Recreation Center, White Flint Fire Station, and Shriver Aquatic Center Improvements must also be fully funded to make the White Flint/Pike District area a vibrant place to live, work, and play. The Western Workaround is key to creating a grid that will improve mobility around the White Flint area and also needs full funding.

Did you know the intersection of Marinelli and Rockville Pike, where the White Flint metro station is located, is the busiest intersection in the County outside of Bethesda and Silver Spring? More and more people are walking and biking in the White Flint area. Many more want to but are stymied because there is much that needs to be done to make the White Flint area as walkable as possible as quickly as possible.  We ask that you fully fund a variety of relatively inexpensive, relatively quick improvements, such as new crosswalks, mid-block crosswalks, improved lighting, bike lanes, and wayfinding signs.

Through the CIP, the County sets its long-term priorities. Show that your priorities are multi-modal transit.  Demonstrate that your priorities are the walkability and bikeability businesses and residents crave. Show your support for the transformation of the White Flint area through this CIP.

Thank you.

Amy Ginsburg


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