What a fabulous Candidate Forum (if we do say so ourselves.)

What a fabulous Candidate Forum (if we do say so ourselves.)

We will post a much more comprehensive summary and story on what the candidates said during our incredibly successful District One Candidate Forum on Monday, but today, I want to thank some folks and share some photos and links to the tweets and videos of the forum.

First, thank you to the Bethesda North Conference Center who generously donated the space for our forum.  Not only that, but when we discovered (six hours before the start time of the forum) that more people were coming than we had room for in the amphitheater, the calm, utterly competent staff of the conference center, moved us to a larger space.

Second, another big thank you to our volunteers who cheerfully checked in the 200 people who attended, gently persuaded folks to take their seats, ensured the candidates knew how much time they had to speak, took photos, took notes, and provided all-around assistance.  Each of them was vital to the success of this event. Thank you to:  Kofi Meroe, Beth Robinson, Amy Lwin, Eleanor Choi, Valerie Haseltine, Barbara Karwaski, Todd Lewers, Craig Sager, Sheila Barton, Michele Forzley, Christina Koch, and Kristi Cruzat

You can watch the entire forum on Facebook Live thanks to our volunteer cameraman, Walter Johnson student Amir Kalantary.

David Lublin from the Seventh State live tweeted the forum as did Doug Tallman from Montgomery Community Media.

Amy Ginsburg


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