Breaking News: No More Grosvenor Turnback!

Breaking News: No More Grosvenor Turnback!

Yesterday,  Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld announced that the “Grosvenor Turnback” – the current rush-hour service pattern where every other Red Line train begins and ends at Grosvenor, rather than Shady Grove – would be eliminated on December 17, 2018. Under the future service pattern, all Red Line trains will run to/from Shady Grove, doubling rush-hour service (trains every 4 minutes) for customers at White Flint, Twinbrook, Rockville, and Shady Grove.

This is wonderful news for the Pike District/White Flint area.  After all, it’s hard to have transit-oriented development without frequent, reliable transit. Friends of White Flint is proud that its advocacy efforts — combined with the efforts of local government, residents, and other nonprofit organizations — have led to this important change.

Read more at Bethesda Beat and Channel 9 News.


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Metro Fan

Wonderful news? Hardly. After 28 years boarding at Shady Grove I sold my house and moved near the Grosvenor station specifically because of the turnbacks and the ability to get a seat in the morning and evening rush. Now that has been negated. When the turnbacks were temporarily eliminated this summer (track work on the other end of the line) the trains ran just as frequently from Grosvenor but there were no longer seats available on the trains arriving from Shady Grove. For those living at Grosvenor and closer in to downtown DC this is hardly “wonderful news.”

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