Images of the proposed Wilgus Development

Images of the proposed Wilgus Development

During their pre-submittal sketch plan meeting, Willco Companies shared their initial plans and information about their planned redevelopment of the Wilgus Property which is located between Montrose Road and Montrose Parkway and borders Towne Road.

Though subject to change, preliminary numbers show that this redevelopment will yield 110 townhomes, 34 two over two residential units, and 600 to 675 multi-family residential units.

The current schedule shows a public hearing in May 2019, preliminary and site plan submissions in May 2019 with a preliminary plan and site plan hearing in September 2019. Construction is slated to being in the second quarter of 2020.

You can view the entire presentation here. Don’t feel like looking through the entire presentation? Here are a few key images of Willco’s plans.

Amy Ginsburg


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