Thrive Montgomery 2050: Planning for the Decades to Come

Thrive Montgomery 2050: Planning for the Decades to Come

Did you know the last time we updated Montgomery County’s General Plan we were still trying to step foot on the moon? Technology has come a long way since then. How will technology continue to influence the way we work, commute and live? With this plan, Montgomery Planning is planning for the decades to come. 

Montgomery Planning staff are working to analyze data and trends along with your feedback to come up with recommendations on the future of the county. We wanted to share with you some facts we are looking at right now. 

Montgomery County is still growing

Demographics are changing

More residents are also working in Montgomery County

It’s getting hotter

Home ownership is declining

Number of trips made in the county is not decreasing

Take a deeper look at the subject areas that Thrive Montgomery 2050 is aiming to address.

Amy Ginsburg


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