Friends of White Flint

Promoting a Sustainable, Walkable and Engaging Community

P.O. Box 2761

White Flint Station

Kensington, MD 20891

Phone: 301-980-3768



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The White Flint Sector Plan was passed passed by the Montgomery County Council in March 2010. Prior to that however, years of work was put into developing the plan. The content in this list are some of the significant artifacts or links to information from the time during plan development and since the plan was approved.

This is the Plan as approved and adopted by the County Council

Download Here

The Planning Board website has a page dedicated to White Flint with many resources

View Here

Friends of White Flint statement to the County Council on the White Flint Sector Plan in October 2009

Download Here

Friends of White Flint testimony on the Annual Growth Policy in September 2009

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