See you tonight at our Community/Board Meeting

Please attend the Community/Board Meeting tonight, April 27th, at 6:30 pm at the Shriver Aquatic Center, 5900 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20852.  The agenda is below, but here is a quick summary.  Property owners, government officials, and others will be presenting and showing drawings of upcoming development projects.
6:30            Call to Order
6:31            Approval of Minutes (Amy Ginsburg)
6:35            Financial Report (Eric Grosse)
6:40            Update on White Flint/Pike District Development
  1. Gables (Eddie Meder)
  2. Saul Centers West (Brian Downie)
  3. Pike & Rose Phase 2 (Jay Corballis)
  4. Transportation Projects (Bruce Johnston)
  5. Conference Center Garage (Tina Benjamin)
7:15            Update on White Flint 2 (Nkosi Yearwood)
7:20            How the White Flint area is faring in the CIP and Operating Budgets
  1. Montrose Parkway (Bruce Johnston)
  2. BRT (Francine Waters)
  3. Fire Station (Dee Metz)
  4. Wall Park Garage (Eddie Meder)
7:40            SHA/MCDOT Pedestrian Safety Project (Amy Ginsburg)
7:45            Montrose Parkway East (Ed Rich)
7:55            New board member to replace Amber Tedesco (Amy Ginsburg)
8:00            Adjourn

What you missed at last night’s board/community meeting

Here’s what you missed at last night’s fast-paced Friends of White Flint board and community meeting:
  • The minutes from the June meeting were approved.
  • Executive Director Amy Ginsburg thanked everyone for their membership dues and noted that FOWF is in a pretty good place financially due to everyone’s generosity.
  • Amy reminded everyone to participate in our #PickthePike social media campaign.
  • Amy thanked everyone for their emails to MCDOT on Montrose Parkway East and reported that MCDOT is working in good faith to make this road fit the spirit of the White Flint sector plan.
  • Amy reported that FOWF testified in favor of a Rapid Transit System along Route 355 and that the Transit Task Force will craft their final report and recommendations on October 7.
  • The board voted unanimously to add three spots to the board of directors composed of one resident, one business, and one property owner.
  • Nominations for the board were requested and submitted.  They nominations will be voted on at our annual meeting in November.
  • There was a vigorous discussion of membership dues, and it was agreed to table the discussion until next meeting so everyone would have the chance to think more about the proposed dues changes.  (The changes proposed included a voluntary $10 resident dues and voluntary HOA/Civic Association dues.)
  • Some community members suggested that it might be time to change how the board conducts its meetings, suggesting that some items be handled in a private board meeting and others discussed in a public forum/community meeting.  Other community members preferred the current structure of all public board meetings.  The board will think about this and discuss at a future meeting.
  • Montgomery Park and Planning made a presentation on the White Flint Bicycle Master Plan.


Upcoming meetings I hope you’ll attend

It’s chilly, it’s rainy, the weekend weather looks bleak, and I’m tired, so this will be a short and sweet post today.
Don’t forget to come to our Board and Community Meeting Monday night, October 5, at 6:30 pm at AMP.  On the agenda:
  • Board of directors nominations
  • Continuation of last meeting’s discussion and vote on membership dues for 2016
  • Update on the #PickthePike campaign
  • Presentation on the Master Bicycle Network Plan
  • Other issues and concerns
Tuesday night is the meeting at Walter Johnson High School at 7:00 pm on the Master Bicycle Network Plan. If you bike, or would if it was easier and safer, you should try to attend.
Stay dry!
Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

Board/Community Meeting TONIGHT!

meeting sign

Just in case you’ve missed the dozen of other reminders, tonight is the Friends of White Flint Board/Community Meeting.  It will start at 7:00 pm and be held at The Forum, 11801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852.  Come hungry — &pizza is delivering 40 pizzas to the meeting. (Thank you, &pizza at Pike & Rose!)

Below is the agenda:

7:00                 Call to order

7:01 to 7:05    Approval of March Minutes

7:05 to 7:10    Financial Report

7:10 to 7:25    Property Owner Updates

7:25 to 7:40    Pick the Pike District Campaign

7:40 to 8:00    Membership Fee Structure

8:00 to 8:15    Events, including Grill Night and Seniors Forum

8:15 to 8:30    Other Business