The Western Workaround is Coming — Really!

On November 8, the construction of the long-awaited Western Workaround begins! (Insert joyful music here.)

The Western Workaround realigns Executive Boulevard where it meets Old Georgetown Road. It creates a new street, Market Street, behind the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. The Western Workaround also creates a rectangular parcel that will become the Gables Residential complex. The county estimates that this project will cost $55 million.


The Western Workaround also permits the construction of a new garage for the conference center.  Yes, for about a year, it will be a little annoying to park for events at the conference center, but it will be well worth the temporary inconvenience to have a beautiful new garage.

Bethesda Beat reported that Councilmember Roger Berliner said, “This piece is so important to get done. We’ve been waiting on this piece for a long time.” Bethesda Beat also reported that Dee Metz who works in the office of the County Executive said, “It’s exciting, It’s the first step of the grid process.”

Bethesda North Conference Center Garage Construction Starts Soon!

As we’ve posted before, the new Conference Center Garage starts construction this summer. The garage will replace the existing North Bethesda Conference Center surface parking lot with a six-level parking structure containing 650 parking spaces. Click here for the Planning Department’s staff report.

The garage is part of the Western Workaround which builds a grid system of streets in that part of the White Flint area.

The staff report recommends, among other things, that the garage provides a minimum of 6 car-share parking spaces, 10 spaces for motorcycles or scooters, and 7 parking spaces ready to be converted to electric vehicle charging stations. Staff also want the garage to offer a minimum of 38 bicycle parking spaces. . They also want artwork or green-wall treatment to enhance the appearance of the garage facades.

Here are a few pictures of the Western Workaround and the new garage from the Planning Department report.

The presentations from last week’s community meeting

For those of you who had to miss last week’s Friends of White Flint community meeting or for those of you who want to take another look, here are the links to the slide show presentations from Federal Realty Pike & Rose Phase 2 (Jay Corbalis), Saul Centers West (Brian Downie), Gables (Eddie Meder), Conference Center Garage (Tina Benjamin), Western Workaround (Bruce Johnston), and White Flint 2 (Nkosi Yearwood.)  Enjoy!


BF Saul

Pike & Rose Phase II Update

Western Workaround

Conference Center Garage

White Flint 2 Presentation

Finally, here is both the presentation Ed Rich made representing Greater Farmland Civic Association regarding Montrose Parkway and the official MCDOT information on Montrose Parkway.