Thank you Councilmembers Friedson and Glass for touring the Pike District

On a blustery Saturday, resident, business, and property owner board members from Friends of White Flint took Councilmember Andrew Friedson and Councilmember Evan Glass on a tour of the Pike District/White Flint. It was wonderful talking about ways to make our community safer for pedestrians and cyclists, more activated, and more vibrant. We discussed the importance of all sides … government, business, residents, and property owners … doing their part to create a more wonderful Pike District.

L to 5: Board members Michael Krauthamer, Sarah Crisafulli, Sheila Barton, Federal Realty Development Director Jay Brinson, Councilmember Andrew Friedson, FOWF Executive Director Amy Ginsburg, Councilmember Evan Glass, and Board member Bill Carey
From Councilmember Friedson’s Facebook Page

We’re excited to work with the County Council, County Executive’s Office, MCDOT, and SHA to move forward projects that make the Pike District the best it can be.