County Council Likely to Approve Placeholder Classroom Project for WJ

As the council often does when school clusters near moratorium status, the County Council appears likely to approve a placeholder classroom project for Walter Johnson High School that will allow some major White Flint development projects to move forward reported Bethesda Magazine.

Last week, the council introduced a $3.1 million, eight-classroom addition for Walter Johnson in the county’s six-year capital budget in order to avoid a development moratorium in the area. The project will act purely as a placeholder – the eight classrooms won’t actually be built. That will allow at least two anticipated redevelopment projects in the White Flint area to move forward in the county’s approval process.

MCPS staff has assured Council staff that a specific capacity-adding project for Walter Johnson High School will be developed by this fall. Deputy council administrator Glenn Orlin wrote that it will be included in the Superintendent’s request for the FY17-22 CIP and that it will be recommended for completion by the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

A public hearing on the placeholder project is set for July 21 and a council vote on the move is expected July 28.