Put these fun future events on your calendar

June 21, 6pm — Summer Solstice Progressive Dinner, Pike & Rose. The evening starts with seasonal cocktails from Summer House and inspired appetizers from Carluccio’s. Then, guests will check their menu cards for where to retrieve their second, third and fourth courses, taking them on a tour of neighborhood restaurants.

Every Friday and Saturday, 5pm — Live After Five, North Bethesda Market. Come join the party on Friday and Saturday evenings at North Bethesda Market for our Live After Five concert series!

Wednesday, July 12th, Noon — Walkable Wednesday. Join Friends of White Flint and Coalition for Smarter Growth for the second Walkable Wednesday and enjoy a special tour of the Pike District that shows what makes it easier and more difficult to walk around the White Flint area. Fifty folks attended the first Walkable Wednesday and loved it!

Saturday, September 9th — North Bethesda Market Tomato Fest. The second annual Tomato Fest will be even bigger and better than last year’s with music, contests, and of course, lots and lots of yummy tomatoes.

Saturday, October 14th, 2pm to 5pm — Fall Fest. Fall Fest, which is becoming one of the defining events of the Pike District, features music, sweet treats, beer, wine, and children’s activities and takes place on a closed Marinelli Road near the conference center.




Pravafest– an immersive spectacle of light, sound and projection

What are you doing Saturday night? Well, if you want to be at the coolest event to ever come to the Pike District, you’ll be at the Pike and Rose Visual Arts (PRAVA) Festival.

Imagine two floors of a newly constructed office tower transformed into an immersive spectacle of light, sound and projection.  The festival is free to the public but requires an online RSVP to attend. 

PRAVA features performances and site specific installations by artists convened from Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, Boston and abroad, creating a multi-sensory environment to explore and experience.  The festival is the first in a series of upcoming contemporary arts events at Pike & Rose in 2015, a new destination for artistic innovation and culture in North Bethesda, MD.  

Thanks for Walking White Flint

Last Saturday morning was a gorgeous one for exploring White Flint by foot.  Thanks to the forty, or so, Friends who joined our Community Walking Tour to better understand pedestrian and bicyclist safety, and how smart infrastructure plays a big role in getting people out of their cars.  

Particular thanks goes to former Governor Parris Glendening, now a leader with Smart Growth America, White Flint champion Councilmember Roger Berliner and Ramona Bell-Pearson from County Executive Leggett’s office. We all pitched in for a robust conversation as we walked around the block – a single block which creates about a mile-long walk.

We were also joined by Dan Reed, of JustUpThePike.com, who has graciously shared the photos he took during our walk.  See all of his photos on his Flickr page by clicking here.

One pedestrian safety hazard that exists in two spots on Old Georgetown Road are “slip lanes.” They’re the uncontrolled, at-speed right hand turns that give drivers little notice of pedestrians in their way.  At both the intersection with Rockville Pike and with Executive Boulevard (pictured) pedestrians cross at their own risk because no signal light controls that lane of traffic.  Although there’s a crosswalk, there is little other notice for drivers (who need not slow to make the turn) that pedestrians might be in their way.

At the new intersection of Grand Park Avenue and Old Georgetown Road, we crowded around the pole in the middle of the sidewalk and to talk about how the shapes and radii of corners can impact pedestrians.  The wider and more curved a corner is, the less caution a driver will take when turning.  This means they could be less aware of pedestrians.

There are several hardy souls in this photograph! First, the pedestrians walking along Rockville Pike have nothing separating them from traffic speeding by at 40 miles an hour.  The same road, when it reaches downtown Bethesda, will have a speed limit of 25mph. Even though they’re probably safe up on the sidewalk, it’s the perception of safety and the unpleasantness of the walk that keeps people from doing it. Cars came past me fast enough that my sweater blew around. Also – hooray for the bicyclist on Rockville Pike!

Even in this photograph, one can sense how a little space between the pedestrians and the traffic can create a more pleasant pedestrian experience. Here, we’re walking south on the Pike and approaching the metro tunnel entrance at Marinelli.

Our last stop allowed for the most pleasant of the pedestrian experiences – a walk down Marinelli Drive buffered by both grass and a new bike lane. I think all of the participants could really feel the difference that those small additions made in walking down the street.

A last, but important, thanks to Pike Central Farmers Market for allowing us to gather on their site! Mitch Berliner and Debra Moser have really built a community staple in their first few years in White Flint and we’re looking forward to many more to come. In the meantime, the Market will be open every Saturday until the week before Thanksgiving so get there soon!

RESCHEDULED: White Flint Community Walking Tour

Although pedestrians must often walk in foul weather, it isn’t the ideal condition for a community walking tour.  Since tomorrow’s forecast is calling for near-certain rain, we are rescheduling the White Flint Walking Tour to Saturday, October 25th at 9:15am.  We’ll still meet at the Pike Central Farmers Market, we’ll still take about a one-mile walk around White Flint to talk about how it feels to walk and bike around here, and, we’ll still be joined by former Governor Parris Glendening of Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute.

So, while we hope you’ll still venture to the market and pick up some goodies tomorrow morning, plan to join us for a walking tour on Saturday, October 25th at 9:15am.

Send any questions to info@whiteflint.org and we’ll keep you updated as the new date draws near.

Take A Walk Around White Flint

**** NOTE — this has been RESCHEDULED TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th at 9:15am. Click here for more information****


Friends of White Flint and the Governor’s Institute for Community Design invite you to a Walking Tour of White Flint, this Saturday, October 11th.  Join me and former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening on a one-mile stroll through our community.  The tour will focus on current conditions and planned improvements to the pedestrian environment in White Flint, and highlight the challenge of balancing the needs of all of the roads’ users while we transform this auto-oriented area into one that’s more walkable and bikeable.  See more details below and email us at info@WhiteFlint.org with any questions!

  • What: White Flint Community Walking Tour
  • Where: Tour will begin and end at the Pike Central Farmer’s Market, located in the parking lot at the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Blvd.  Please plan to walk approximately one mile.
  • When: Saturday, October 11th  at 9:15am.  It will last approximately 75 minutes.
  • Who: Hosted by Friends of White Flint and the Governor’s Institute for Community Design. Tour will be led by Lindsay Hoffman and former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening.

Arts & Humanities Council’s CultureSpot

Our region is vibrant with activities and it’s often hard to keep up with what’s happening.  There are many websites that help keep you organized, but we wanted to share a favorite.  It’s the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County’s CultureSpot – an online calendar of events in Montgomery County that are open to the public.  So, if you’re looking for a festival, camp, class, performance, museum or something similar, check them out at CultureSpotMC.com or sign up for their weekly newsletter!

Draft Agenda Available for Wednesday’s FoWF Meeting

Friends of White Flint Meeting
Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Georgetown Village Condominium Community Room

(click here for meeting details)


  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome
  3. Introductions
  4. Confirmation of Quorum
  5. Introduction and Seating of new Directors and Officers
  6. Approval of Minutes from May 29, 2014, meeting
  7. Update on Friends of White Flint business
    • Financial Report from Treasurer
  8. Update on Development Projects
  9. Presentation by Dee Metz and Andrew Bossi, Montgomery County Government, on Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety followed by open discussion and development of advocacy points.
  10. Update on Redesign of Old Georgetown Road
  11. Update on White Flint Naming/Branding Charette
  12. Paladar Latin Kitchen Fundraiser
  13. Adjournment

If you have additions or adjustments you’d like to suggest for this agenda, please email info@whiteflint.org.


It’s Time for a Name

For years, we’ve known that this place needs a name.  And, we’ve believed that the community should have input into what that name would be.  Our opportunity has arrived.

You’re invited to a Conversation on the Branding of the Pike on Thursday, September 11th from 6pm to 9pm at the offices of StreetSense in Bethesda.  This will be a fully interactive program that will really tap into participants’ thoughts and perceptions of a variety of naming/branding options for the White Flint Sector.

**PLEASE NOTE — this conversation will NOT be about changing the name of anyone’s postal address or neighborhood.  This is about having a productive, congenial discussion to find authentic options for the name of this new urban center – think of its purpose as being for business and marketing.

The presentation and forum will be facilitated by Holly Sears Sullivan, of Montgomery Business Development Corporation, and StreetSense.  All of the details – including how to RSVP – can be found in the invitation below (make it larger by clicking on it).

We’ll be talking more about what to expect at the forum during our next Friends of White Flint meeting!  It will be on Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:30pm.  Click here for more details!