La Madeleine’s New Home will be PerSei

Many Friends were excited to learn that La Madeleine’s closure is short-term.  Yesterday, reported some additional details on when we’ll see this neighborhood favorite return, and what we can expect when it does.  PerSei is the mid-rise residential building nearing completion at Pike & Rose.  Scheduled to open this fall, the mixed-use building will have apartment units in the upper floors and restaurants and residential in the lower – including, we’ve learned, La Madeleine.


Something we did not know: The water wheel feature in the original restaurant actually worked. It was intended to grind grains into flour for the restaurant’s bread.

Joining La Madeleine in the ground floor of PerSei will be Summer House, from the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group…


Although BethesdaNow reports that the beer garden we’ve mentioned will be in PerSei, it’s our understanding that that concept will actually be a bit farther inside the property in an area called “Muse Alley.”   Read more at!

La Madeleine Closed, but not for long

La Madeleine in Mid-Pike Plaza is now closed.  But, don’t fret, this community staple will return soon as part of Pike & Rose’s first phase.  Starting this fall, you’ll find La Madeleine in Block 12 (PerSei) of Pike & Rose.  Chipotle is also moving to Block 13, around the corner from Starbucks and Bank of America. You’ll recall that this structure will remain standing for foreseeable future with a new facade to align with the new buildings.

These were the last remaining businesses at Mid-Pike Plaza, so expect that strip mall to come down by this summer as Federal Realty prepares for Phase 2 of the project.   More on this to come soon!

 Site plan showing the new streets and blocks at Pike + Rose.