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Lessons from Bethesda and Wisconsin Avenue

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Bethesda Magazine published a terrific story about how design and geography affect walkability. The article is titled, “Lessons Learned from Wisconsin Avenue, A tour of downtown Bethesda’s main street is eye-opening.”

There are lessons for the Pike District, too, as we share many pluses (transit, retail, new development) and minuses (traffic, Route 355, design that favors cars) with Bethesda.…

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What happens when you turn parking spaces into bike lanes?

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Some retailers fear the loss of street parking, but recent studies show that fear is misplaced.

For example, a study, from UC-Davis scholars Natalie Popovich and Susan Handy, analyzed nearly 1,900 shopping trips to downtown Davis made after the opening of a new Target store. Cyclists not only took slightly more trips than drivers did, but spent more per trip—leading to a monthly total spending of roughly $250 for cyclists to $180 for drivers.…

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What’s In and Out in White Flint

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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Yesterday, Bethesda Now reported the news that Gaithersburg restaurant Quincy’s Bar and Grille will be opening a location in White Flint.  Featuring casual fare and live music, the newest Quincy’s will be located at 11401 Woodglen Drive, between Executive Boulevard and Nicholson Lane. It’s the mid-rise building with a shopping strip on the ground floor and it’s part of the second phase of JBG’s North Bethesda Market II.

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How can White Flint draw local businesses?

Posted on by dan reed!

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When Federal Realty Investment Trust announced the first six restaurants that will open at Pike + Rose, the mixed-use development at Rockville Pike and Montrose Road, some people were upset they were all chains. Will there be a place for local businesses in the future White Flint?

Representatives from Federal Realty say their goal is to create an interesting array of shops and restaurants, regardless of what they are.…

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New Urbanism should mean new retail design

Posted on by Amy Donin

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In the April-May issue of Better! Cities and Towns Robert Steuteville explains why retail design is so important in our community. The primary example Steuteville uses is a Walgreens in Evanston, Illinois (pictured below), which despite its nonpolluting (“net zero”) design has a huge surface parking lot in a walkable neighborhood.…

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