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Open spaces, lovely places

You’ve probably been in the parking lot of the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center (KSAC), or at least you’ve seen it as you drive past the swim center. But imagine that rather than acres of striped asphalt there is lush green grass, inviting park benches, a winding path through the forest.

Open spaces are an important promise of the White Flint Sector Plan, and Wall Park can be the Pike District’s first new prominent green space. Of course, before we’re walking our dogs, watching our kids jump rope, or playing a game of kickball after work, a few pieces of the puzzle need to come together. The Western Workaround and a parking garage shared with the to-be-built Gables Apartments must be constructed before we can enjoy a new Wall Park. Here’s hoping the puzzle pieces start falling into place this year.

White Flint’s Recreation Center

The redevelopment of Wall Park is an exciting component of the Sector Plan – it’s where the Parks department hopes to replace the existing surface parking lot for Shriver Aquatic Center with an open, flexible green space. A parking garage is proposed for the north side of the building to accommodate cars.

Another piece of this property’s project is a planned regional-style Recreation Center. Similar to what we’ve seen in White Oak, the Recreation Department is planning to build a large facility that will include co-locating it on the property with the pools of the aquatic center make this an exciting destination for our neighborhoods and beyond. As it’s been described to us, the ideal facility would include flexible spaces for classes, meetings, and events, as well as gym and exercise areas, senior spaces and more.

The Gazette ran an article this week highlighting the concept – read it by clicking here. Funding for our recreation center for White Flint is part of the Capital Improvements Program budget that’s making it’s way through the County Council right now.