The latest on The Gables

The Gables

The Gables project is a much-anticipated 476-apartment complex with 31,000 square feet of commercial space set to be built on Old Georgetown Road. On April 30, the Planning Board will review The Gables’ preliminary plan and site plan for the project.  As you may recall, this project requires the realignment of Executive Boulevard (the Western Workaround) and will hopefully bring the new parking required for the expansion of Wall Park.

Eddie Meder, Gables Development Associate said, “The Pike District is an extraordinary area, and we are excited to move forward and start construction.”

In order to transform Wall Park’s current surface parking lot into beautiful green space for the community, a parking garage for the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center must be built. “We’ve set aside land on our property to accommodate the approximately 400 garage spaces needed for the Aquatic Center and the proposed recreation center,” said Eddie Meder. “We’ve engineered a solution where we can phase-in the garage,  building spaces for our mixed-use property, 250 spaces to replace the existing Aquatic Center surface parking lot, and someday, another 150 spaces for the recreation center.  We’re ready, willing, and able to make the parking garage work, and I know the County is trying their best to figure out how to fund their share of the cost. We look forward to working with the County to create the largest public amenity, an enlarged and engaging Wall Park, in the Pike District.”

The Gables project will also incorporate artistic elements including one that is composed of a colored Plexiglas panel configuration that will be part of the elevated walkway that links the East and Central buildings and another that will will feature a projected video underneath the East building.Artistic element