Ike Legget will not Submit Transit Authority Legislation This Year

As reported by Bethesda Beat, Ike Leggett will not submit transit authority legislation this year. In a letter to the Transit Task Force, Ike Leggett wrote, “the public interest at the two recent hearings made it clear to me that there remains significant community concern about the proposal for a Montgomery County transit authority. Perhaps more importantly, County residents are unaware of the considerable benefits that a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) would bring to our County and its residents.”

Council members George Leventhal and Roger Berliner had also suggested Leggett hold off on the Transit Authority enabling legislation until the county’s Rapid Transit System (RTS) was closer to fruition.

“To briefly summarize, we cannot say whether a proposal similar to what the report has outlined can pass the County’s legislative Delegation, work its way through the full legislative process, withstand the scrutiny of the Governor, and then obtain the necessary support of a majority of the County Council to be implemented,”  a statement from District 16 Del. Marc Korman and District 15 Sen. Brian Feldman said